Tire Repair

Tire Repair

A quick, safe repair for tire damage.

When your tires are damaged by high curbs, deep potholes or unavoidable debris in the road, your next stop should be at your closest Mr. Lube. We know that repairing tires can sometimes be a better option than replacing them, so our professional technicians carry out thorough inspections of your tires' condition, pressure, tread depth and more. If possible, we repair punctures and other tread defects to mitigate further damage and help ensure your vehicle's performance.

It works like this:

  • We will produce a courtesy tire inspection report that takes tire pressures (before and after) and tread depth measurements into account.
  • Our visual inspection covers a diverse range of possible damage and defects, including bulges, cuts, cracks, and blisters.
  • Our technicians, who are TIA-certified, use incredibly accurate tread depth gauges to detect wear patterns and prevent excessive wear before it happens.
  • When you choose Mr. Lube for your tire change, you don't need an appointment, and you can look forward to receiving fast, same-day service.

Why Repair Your Tires at Mr. Lube?

  • Drop by when it works for you.
  • No-appointment needed.
  • Don't wait weeks for an appointment.
  • Relax with stay in your car service.
  • Certified tire technicians
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