New Tires

Is it time for new tires?

It is a good idea to regularly check your tires for wear and tread depth. Over time tires eventually wear out and it can become dangerous to continue driving if the tread depth gets too low or there is damage to the sidewall. The legal limit on tread depth in Canada is 1.6mm or 2/32nd of an inch. However, tire manufacturers recommend you replace your tires before they reach the minimum allowable tread depth. A traditional way to check your tread depth is to insert a Canadian quarter into one of the grooves with the caribou facing down. If you can see the tip of the caribous nose it means you have less than 6/32nd of an inch and it will soon be time to look at replacing them with new tires.

Why choose Mr. Lube?

At Mr. Lube you can now shop on-line to find and buy the right tires for your vehicle, and we will mount and install them with same-day, no-appointment Tire service. No waiting weeks to get in for an appointment and you can relax with our stay in your car service.

What size of tire do I need for my vehicle?

The first step is to determine the size of tire that is recommended by the manufacturer for your vehicle. An easy way to check this is to look at the placard located on the inside door jamb of your vehicle. Here you will find the width, profile, and wheel size for your vehicle.

Car Tire Size

What type of tires do I need?

When purchasing tires for your vehicle it is important to be sure that your new tires suit your driving needs and seasonality. Most tires fall into tires that can be driven year-round or seasonal tires that need to be changed in the spring for the warmer months and in the fall for the cold weather and winter driving conditions.

All Weather Tires are best in mild winter conditions and perform well in light snowfall or heavy rain. The tread design has a mixture of treads that push away rain and slush to provide stability. The rubber compounds will provide grip above and below 7C.

All Season Tires are the tires you will find most often on new vehicles. Designed for year-round use where winter driving conditions are not to severe. These tires have a finer tread that is not effective at pushing away snow and slush with rubber compounds that grip best above 7C.

Summer Tires are designed to provide traction in dry or wet weather in the warmer months. They are not designed for temperatures below 7C or any type of winter driving conditions.

Winter Tires are designed with softer rubber compounds that provide superior grip when the temperature drops to 7C or below. Together with deeper grooves that funnel away slush and water and have tread edges designed to grip in snowy and ice conditions.

What tire brands does Mr. Lube carry?

At Mr. Lube we offer a wide range of passenger, Truck and SUV tires for most makes and models. Just ask your technician for more information on which brand and model would best fit your vehicle and driving conditions.

We are TIA certified

Our technicians are trained and certified to help you with your Tire needs. The Tire Industry Association (TIA) is the premier tire industry training and safety organization worldwide.

We have ASE accredited training

Rest easy knowing Mr. Lube technicians pass our extensive training program which is Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) accredited through the industry-leading Automotive Training Managers Council.

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