Mr. Lube Services

At Mr. Lube we offer fast, warranty-approved maintenance to help extend the life of your vehicle.

Our Services
We don’t just talk about carrying out fast, high-quality warranty-approved car care – we go right ahead and do it. Take a peek at what we offer from the comfort of your own car. more »
Tire Services
At Mr. Lube, we offer a variety of tire services and strive to provide the best car care for our customers. From checking your tires’ tread depth to storing your seasonal tires, we’ve got you covered. With our certified technicians, you can trust that we’ll take care of your tires. more »
Protect Your Warranty
With Mr. Lube, your warranty is safe. So you can just sit back and relax while we take good care of everything. more »
Take Us for a Test Drive
Want to understand more about what makes Mr. Lube a leading preventive maintenance provider? Experience the Mr. Lube difference first-hand with our virtual tour. more »
Electronic Owner’s Manual
Worried about the life of your vehicle? So are we.
Every Mr. Lube technician has instant access to manufacturer’s service recommendations to provide you with a personalized service history that’s right for you. more »
Gift Cards
Whether given as a present, a thank you or simply a nice gesture, Mr. Lube Gift Cards are an instant pick-me-up for anyone who’s lucky enough to get one. more »
Mr. Lube Club
With members-only discounts and other benefits, find out how we make membership worthwhile. more »