Vehicle Filters

Air Filter

Your air filter plays a key role in preventing contaminants like grit, dust, and dirt from entering your engine. Air is drawn through the filter and into the cylinders where air and fuel combine to power your vehicle. A dirty air filter can lead to poor fuel economy. Mr. Lube will check your filter with every oil change and recommend replacement when needed.

Cabin Air Filter

Cabin air filters help to protect your health by improving the quality of the air you breathe in your vehicle. With increases in traffic congestion and longer commuting distances we spend more time in our vehicles than ever. These filters trap a broad range of microscopic particles, harmful gases, and unpleasant odors. Regularly replacing your cabin air filter can offer relief for asthma, allergies and hay fever sufferers. They also help to protect the performance of your air conditioning system.

Fuel Filter

When you press down on your gas pedal your fuel system controls the amount of power you get from your engine by moderating the flow of fuel and air. Unfortunately, fuel isn’t perfectly clean. This is why it passes through a fuel filter that picks up any dirt that might interfere with the engine’s performance. Over time, dirt and particles build up in the filter. The fuel filter needs to be replaced or it will reduce the flow of fuel to your engine, affecting your vehicle’s performance and fuel economy.

Emission (PCV) Valve and Filter

The emission (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) valve and filter work together to route toxic fumes created by the engine back into the combustion chambers. These fumes are then re-burned to improve fuel efficiency and reduce air pollution. The valve ensures that your engine breathes properly and continues to receive the correct amount of airflow, while the filter helps to remove harmful oil vapor. Failure to replace the emission valve and filter can lead to problems like rough idling, stalling, high oil consumption, loss of power and excessive wear on internal parts. This will reduce the oil and air filter’s life.