Car Care at Mr. Lube

Whether it’s your pride and joy or simply the way you get from here to there, we’re passionate about pampering your car. After all, we know that regular car maintenance helps to prolong its life – and that’s a good thing.

Simply pull into your nearest Mr. Lube location and let us take a look under the hood. You don’t have to do a thing, other than sit back, relax and enjoy your complementary newspaper and coffee.

Come back as often as you like. And every time you visit, we’ll perform a courtesy check to make sure that your car is in top working order. We’ll change your oil at your convenience, not ours. We can also perform other routine car maintenance -- from fluid changes to air filters, wiper blades and battery replacements, and everything in between. Not only that, we’ll perform minor services free of charge.

Here’s our secret. There’s a common misperception that you have to get your vehicle service by a dealer in order to protect your warranty. This is simply not the case. Mr. Lube follows manufacturer specifications for each vehicle to ensure your car is well maintained to warranty approved standards.