Car Care

At Mr. Lube, we want to make sure that your vehicle goes the distance. That means taking care of your car in the good times and the bad. A little automotive maintenance can go a long way – and we’re here to show you how.

Car Care at Mr. Lube
With our warranty-approved vehicle service, caring for your car couldn’t be easier. From changing your oil to changing your battery, your nearest Mr. Lube location knows what your car needs to keep it running throughout the year and around the clock. more »
Car Care Tips
For cost-saving and performance-enhancing tips on how to best care for your car, we’ve put together a selection of expert advice. more »
How Your Vehicle Works
We do more than just change your oil – we deliver fast, warranty-approved auto maintenance that prolongs the life of your vehicle. Here you can find out about all the different parts we can help you to maintain – keeping you and your vehicle safe and on the road. more »
You may have a few questions. If you do, we’re happy to help. Simply give us a call or click here to see if we’ve already answered them for you. more »