A Sincere Thank You to Our Mr. Lube Frontline Family!

Mar 05, 2020


With over 185 locations across the county, we rarely have the chance to show the Mr. Lube family how much they mean to us. Thankfully, today is the perfect opportunity to let each of you know that your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed! It’s Employee Appreciation Day and we salute you, our hard-working crew, for making Mr. Lube the organization and community it is today. 

To Our Mr. Lube Service Technicians: Thank you for the care and attention you bring to HL_MRLUBE_04_19-190every customer that pulls into our service bay. We know that the job sometimes gets tricky when it comes to vehicle inspection and trouble-shooting symptoms which may be signs of larger hidden problems. Your knowledge, experience, and dedication to every detail are what built the trust of Mr. Lube for Canadians. We applaud you!

To Our Customer Service Representatives: Thank you for taking ownership of our customer’s complete experience and ensuring that our customers walk out of the shop with a job well done, an understanding of duties performed, and a smile on their faces. You play an important role in our business — bridging our customers’ needs with our technical capability — and we couldn’t have done it without you. We appreciate you!

To Our Supervisors and Managers: Your leadership and commitment to mentoring up-HL_MRLUBE_04_19-19and-coming service technicians allows Mr. Lube to offer junior team members an exciting career path. Thank you! We rest easy knowing the safety of our crew and our customers is your top priority. With your experience and dedication, Mr. Lube has built a reputation of top-notch customer care, reliable maintenance services, and trustworthy vehicle advice for Canadian drivers. We’re proud to call you leaders of the Mr. Lube family!

Since 2012, for 8 consecutive years, Mr. Lube has been recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies. We know achieving the honour of Platinum member is only made possible through the dedication to excellence we see in each member of the Mr. Lube family. The passion, skill and knowledge you bring to your work has had an enormous impact on Mr. Lube’s success, and we are beyond grateful. Today and every day, we thank you!