How About a Little Car Love This Valentine's Day?

Feb 07, 2020


Do you love your car more than your kids, pets, or significant other?

Of course not!

However, many people will put their vehicle at a close second. And if you don't agree, you will

probably admit that it is to your benefit to give your car a lot of love, if you want it to survive, so to speak. Well, here's your chance. It's almost Valentine's Day, which is a great time to give your car some love...and here's how.

Spa Day

Who doesn't love a spa day? A day when you plan a trip to get a massage, sweat out Picture1all those toxins in the sauna, or relax while soaking in the hot tub? How about giving your car a spa day? Getting your car cleaned, waxed, and shined before putting it back into service for that special Valentine's Day out with your partner, is a great way to show your investment, and your second love, some love!

New Shoes

When you plan a special night out, we'll bet you probably make sure your shoes are either new or in good condition first...right? Not only that, you don't want to wear shoes that could cause you to slip and fall on any Valentine's Day winter ice. Your car is no different. Mr. Lube can help keep your vehicle in tip-top shape and that includes its tires. Does your car need a little tire love? Keeping your tires in good, and safe, condition means rotating and balancing the tires, keeping them in good repair, and paying attention to the tire tread depths. It also means changing the tires when needed.

Delicious, Gourmet Food

Nothing says Valentine's Day more than a great meal at your favorite romantic spot. When planning your Valentine's Day, you probably spent more than a little time planningPicture2 every single detail - including the meal. Well, you might consider doing the same for your second love as well. Your car needs a good meal too. Before you head out to pick up your partner for a Valentine's Day meal, make sure you have fed your car first.

You want to make sure it doesn't give you any trouble and ruin your night out. Mr. Lube can handle everything for you. We offer fluid replacements, filter replacements, and other services as well.

What's Next?

You’re ready to give your car some Valentine’s Day love, but don’t stop there – add a Mr. Lube gift card to your significant other’s Valentine’s Day present. The gift of extra TLC for their car is thoughtful and practical – double points for you!

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