Corrosion: The Costly Threat Lurking Under Your Vehicle!

Sep 05, 2019

Ice. Salt. Gravel. Driving in Canada is hard on the undercarriage of your vehicle. It’s undercoating 1constantly blasted with abrasive, corrosive materials and it rarely gets properly cleaned. You might think that the components on the underside of your vehicle are made to withstand anything the road might throw at them, but that’s not the case. Just like plaque on your teeth, the buildup that accumulates on your undercarriage causes harmful decay known as corrosion.

Corrosion is a natural, irreversible process that affects all refined metals or alloys when they are exposed to air, moisture or corrosive substances. While its destructive effects to the body of a vehicle are unsightly, corrosion of the frame and undercarriage can be dangerous. The structural integrity of your vehicle depends on the strength of metal components in the chassis and suspension system. Corrosion weakens metal and reduces the overall durability of your vehicle. It can also damage the exhaust, steering, braking and fuel systems. Unfortunately, our Canadian climate is the ideal environment for rapid corrosion.

undercoating 2

The Solution

The only way to prevent corrosion is to create a barrier that prevents moisture, oxygen and corrosive materials such as salt from reaching the metal. Undercoating is part of your vehicle’s preventative maintenance. When applied to the undercarriage of your vehicle, it creates a protective barrier that can extend the life of your vehicle and prevent costly repairs.

Undercoating products are made from a variety of ingredients that impact efficacy, durability and price. The key to choosing the right undercoating is to find a formula that ensures excellent coverage and adherence. This is why Mr. Lube has selected DURA-SHIELD® as our undercoat-of-choice. The DURA-SHIELD® formula combines neutralized oil, an organic-inorganic complex, oxidized petrolatum and microcrystalline wax. This combination has demonstrated both effective corrosion control and remarkable adherence. Independent testing by ORTECH International has verified the corrosion-inhibiting properties of DURA-SHIELD®, and thousands of undercoating applications over the past 14 years have shown excellent results.

The DURA-SHIELD® formula also allows for thorough coverage. The product is applied to panels and enclosed areas in the form of a very fine mist, allowing DURA-SHIELD® to penetrate fine seams and crevasses. The oil-based formula also prevents DURA-SHIELD® from hardening, which can lead to cracking and peeling. Unlike ridgid undercoatings, DURA-SHIELD® remains pliable and provides corrosion control for up to one year. 

When to Apply Undercoating

Like the old saying goes: the best time to apply undercoating is before your new vehicle undercoating 3leaves the dealer lot. The second best time is today. While undercoating protection can prevent costly future repairs, it can’t reverse corrosion that has already occurred. So, the sooner it’s applied, the better. If you have any questions about undercoating or corrosion prevention, our technicians at your local Mr. Lube would be happy to help!