Oh, Canada!

Jun 27, 2019


On June 13, the Toronto Raptors made history — and made millions of Canadians proud — when they became the first-ever Canadian team to win an NBA Championship. With Canada Day approaching we got to thinking, what else are we the best at?

#1 in Quality of Life

For the 4th consecutive year, organizers of the annual Best Countries survey announced Canadians enjoy the best quality of life in the world! Our combined score for affordability, job market, economic stability, family friendliness, income equality, political stability, safety, public education and public health earned us No. 1 in the Quality of Life category. Overall, we rank as the third “Best Country” in the world - not too shabby! 


Best Monetary Note

When the Bank of Canada released our new ten dollar bill, The International Bank Note Society awarded it the honour of Bank Note of the Year. Our purple bill earned the prestigious recognition not only for its distinct security features, but also its socially-significant design. The note features The Canadian Museum for Human Rights and, for the first time ever, a non-royal woman: human rights icon, Viola Desmond. 


Top Selling Global Recording Artist - Drake

Is it a coincidence that the 2019 NBA Champions’ global ambassador is also the Most Successful Recording Artist in the world? According to the 2019 Global Music Report, Drake sold and streamed more music across the world than any other artist. Canada’s very own also happens to be the only artist to ever hold the coveted spot twice. Maybe the Raptors will repeat their championship title, too!   

All Time Winningest Country at World Junior Curling Championships

Canada has demonstrated a long history of being the best, too. The World Junior curlingCurling Championships have been held for more than 40 years, and in that time, Canada has taken home a whopping 67 medals. That’s 23 more than runner-up, Scotland. Another reason to be proud? While our combined medal count is impressive, it’s the result of both Canadian Men’s and Canadian Women’s teams holding the top spot in their respective divisions as well. Way to go!  


Notable Mentions

Top spot is great, but Canada is also included on some pretty impressive “best-of” lists.

  • The World University Rankings features 9 Canadian Universities - 3 more schools than the previous year! The University of Toronto is Canada’s top ranked school on the list, followed by UBC, McGill, McMaster and the University of Montreal in the top 100.
  • Canada has the 10th largest economy in the world. With a GDP of $1.82 trillion USD, Canada is a great country for consumers and business owners alike.
  • We’re happy! The 2019 World Happiness Report looked at 156 countries around the globe and ranked Canada #9. Interestingly, spots one through seven were entirely nordic countries! We find ourselves sandwiched between New Zealand in the eighth spot and Austria in tenth.
  • True north, strong and free, literally. The State of World Liberty Index ranks countries based on how much economic and personal freedoms their citizens enjoy. Canada shares 3rd spot with Ireland and Australia.
  • We have a powerful passport! What does that mean? According to Henley & FanPartners, it’s a measure of how many destinations a passport-holder can travel to without a requiring visa. Canadians are welcome in 184 countries visa-free, qualifying us for 6th spot in 2019’s Passport Index.

We’ve always known that it’s great to be Canadian, and it didn’t take us long to find just a few ways Canada is the greatest. Not that we would brag, of course, since we’re the unofficially the most polite country to boot. What do you think makes Canada the greatest? Let us know  @MrLubeCanada on Facebook or Instagram, or  @MrLube Twitter. We’ll share our favorites on Canada Day!