Staying Efficient – Fuel Efficiency Tips to Get You Driving Further for Less

May 01, 2019


We all love saving money on fuel, but did you know that watching gas prices daily isn’t the only way to save money? With Canadian gas prices climbing since 2014 and set to reach an all-time high in 2019, we thought there’s no better time than now to share a few tips to help save you a buck or two at the pumps!

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Tip 1 – Tire Pressure

Car owners often forget that tire pressure can affect fuel consumption! Every car comes with the factory recommended tire pressure which can be found in your cars’ owner’s manual or in the driver side door jamb.

Most newer cars have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System, so if you see a light on your gauge cluster, pick up a tire pressure gauge, figure out which tire is low, and fill it up!  Most passenger cars recommend 32 psi to 35 psi in the tires during the colder months.

By keeping your tires at the recommended pressure, you can reduce your fuel consumption by up to 3%!

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Tip 2 - Fuel System Cleaning

Your fuel system consists of five major parts:

A gas tank, fuel lines, fuel filters, fuel pumps, fuel injectors.

Over time, these different parts can suffer from a build-up of residue and dirt. By using a chemical wash to remove this build-up, the fuel system can run without producing as many emissions. Not only is having a clean fuel system good for the environment, it also helps restore fuel efficiency.

 *Another pro-tip is to invest in better-quality fuel at the gas station. Although many see the more expensive fuel as unnecessary, the additional detergents and cleaning products found in premium fuel can help reduce emission.

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Tip 3 – Oil Change

On-time oil changes are essential for many reasons AND they are the key to a healthy lubricated engine!

Clean oil reduces wear and tear caused by friction between moving parts and also removes dirt and grime from the engine. A clean and healthy engine is key to consuming fuel efficiently.

We recommend getting your oil changed regularly!  An easy to remember guideline is every 5,000 kilometres, or 3 to 6 months, whichever comes first!

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Tip 4 – Air Filter

A clean air filter in your car can increase your fuel efficiency by a staggering 10 percent! This is because your car needs a flow of air to mix with the fuel that is injected into the engine, and, as you can imagine, dirty air will decrease the effectiveness of the gasoline when it comes to spinning those wheels! A relatively inexpensive replacement and a particularly important one if you haven’t had your air filter changed in a while could save you some serious $$$ at the gas station! 

Tip 5 – Keeping Your Car as Light as Possible

Ok, so we don’t mean kicking a family member out of the vehicle because you want to save on fuel by decreasing the weight of your car! We mean getting rid of non-essential items that can build up in your car over time, such as camping gear from last summer, strollers, or even sporting equipment like golf clubs!

Did you know every 100 lbs of weight results in an extra 1-2% of gas used?

Stay efficient this spring!

Combine ALL of the above tips and you can save up to a 20% on fuel? That’s a BIG saving!

Do you have any efficiency tips and tricks when it comes to saving money at the gas station and keeping your car running smoothly? If so, why not share them with us on social @mrlubecanada!

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