Thank you, car…

Mar 05, 2019

Our cars are always there for us, ready to take us to work, the next adventure, morning hockey practice, and the odd trip to the grocery store. However, how often do we take a minute to think about our cars and how lucky we are to have them?
We’ve put together three of our favourite thank you notes from people who really appreciate their cars and the experiences they were able to have because of them!

Baby’s on the way!

Last summer my wife was about 8-months pregnant with our first child, so we decided to visit our family cottage one last time before the baby arrived. We thought we had lots of time since her due date was still a month off, however looking back, boy were we wrong!
A couple of hours after arriving at the cottage she started to have some light contractions which we believed was just false labour-that was until things started to get much more intense! When I realized the baby was coming, we jumped in the car and drove straight to the nearest hospital.

My baby girl came into the world that day!
It was because of my car that we arrived at the hospital just in time.
Thank you, car.

- Ben Jones
Ben Jones

For the Win!

On a cold, wintery morning in the beginning of January, I took my 10-year-old son to his first hockey tournament nearly two hours away. I loaded him into our family car at 6 am, and we set off on our way.
That day was the first time my son scored a winning goal, and the look of joy on his face was one I will never forget.
It was because of my car that I was able to get us there.
Thank you, car.

- Maggie Smith
Maggie Smith

I love Rock & Roll

When I was 16, I found out my favourite singer was performing at a free concert in Quebec City, which happened to be a nine-hour drive from where I lived. Being a typical 16-year-old, I didn't have much money so flying or taking the train wasn't an option. I begged every member of my family to take me until my uncle, who also happened to like that particular singer, agreed to take me.
We drove the entire distance to Quebec City singing along to our favourite songs and admiring the views along the way.
That concert is still one of the happiest days of my life, and it was because of my uncle’s car that I was able to get there.
Thank you, car.

- Sara Wilkes
Sara Wilks

Well, there you have it- three experiences from individuals who now have life-long memories, and great stories to tell, all because of their vehicles! Your car allows for absolute freedom, so go on a road trip, take a drive to your favourite spot, but most importantly make some memories!

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