Social Responsibility

At Mr. Lube, we take our social responsibilities very seriously. Both on a community and an environmental level, we go out of our way to help out. The Mr. Lube franchise network is spread throughout the whole of Canada, allowing us to come to grips with local and national issues wherever we can help make a difference.

As the leading quick lube provider in Canada, we process huge quantities of used oil. As such, we understand and accept our responsibility to the planet and future generations. So alongside the many steps that we take to limit our environmental footprint, we ensure that every drop of oil we change is recycled for further use.

We are also strong believers in community. In addition to the great service we provide daily, we enjoy getting out into our surrounding communities and helping with grass roots issues as well as supporting a number of significant national causes.

The majority of our charitable work is carried out by the Mr. Lube Foundation, set up in 2002. Since it was formed, the Mr. Lube Foundation has raised and donated over $4 million. These are just a few of the many charities we provide support to:

If you would like to know more about Mr. Lube Foundation’s process for offering grants, click here.

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