7 Ways to Honour Remembrance Day

Nov 01, 2019

Mr. Lube is proud to be a Canadian company. While we've proudly served Canadians for more than 40 years, as November 11th approaches, we are reminded of those who have bravely served our country in the Canadian Armed Forces.

With Remembrance Day upon us, it's time to honour the more than 2,300,000 individuals who have served to protect us in the military, and the more than 118,000 who lost their lives doing so.

Honouring Canada's Veterans

Since November 11, 1931, Canadians across the country have taken moments of silence to Remember 1honour these heroes with activities such as the National Ceremony at the National War Memorial in Ottawa.

Whether you will be working this year on this patriotic day, or spending time off, here are some ways you can honour those who have fought for - and continue to fight for - our freedom and independence.

1. Visit A Vet

There are tens of thousands of Canadian veterans across the country with more than 110,000 reported as being disabled. Many of Canada's veterans struggle with mental health issues ranging from sadness and low self-esteem to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Operational Stress Injury (OSI).

While a moment of silence and a day of Remembrance might be honouring, a personal visit with a veteran provides them with additional recognition for the work they have done and personal sacrifices they have made. Find out what local veteran hospitals are in your area and plan a trip to visit or, even better, volunteer to help for a day.

2. Hold A Local National Ceremony

Sometimes, it's not logistically feasible to attend the official National Ceremony but small localities can share the national celebration by holding a small local one that allows families and children to participate in honouring Canada's veterans. This gives today's children the opportunity to learn more about the importance of Canada's military heroes.

3. Take Two Minutes

At 11 a.m., take two minutes of silence along with the rest of the country, no matter Remember 2where you are or what you're in the middle of doing. Make sure your children, as well, understand the importance of this collective moment of silence.

4. Don Red Poppies

The Poppy is the official flower for Remembrance Day, as established by the poem, In Flanders Fields by Canadian surgeon, John McCrea. The red poppy is a representation of the blood spilled of veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice in battle from WWI as well as later conflicts. Often, Canadians will be seen wearing red poppies in the week or two leading up to Remembrance Day.

5. Visit A War Memorial

Although the largest number of War Memorials are located in Ontario, there are others located throughout Canadian provinces. Visiting a war memorial not only provides education, but can be a sobering experience to better understand and more fully cherish and honour the gifts our veterans have given us as a country.

6. Pay A Tab

If you happen upon a veteran dining out or having a drink, offer to pay their tab as a thanks for their work and sacrifices.

7. Get an Oil Change

Yes, that's right. If you don't have time to plan a party or celebration, contributing to rememebr 3Canada's finest can be done while accomplishing something you may need simultaneously. Mr. Lube is showing our commitment to Canada's veterans by donating $2 to the veteran community for every oil change on November 10! 

We at Mr. Lube are no stranger to charity with more than $4 million raised for charitable causes throughout our beloved country since 2002. This year, we are proud to be a part of raising much-needed funds to assist our veterans. So if you want to show your pride in our soldiers - past and present - but don't have time to actively participate, we invite you to visit your local Mr. Lube location and get your oil changed on November 10.